TRON: Uprising

TRON: Uprising has been one of my favorite new animated series over the past few years. With rumors of low ratings and being moved around on the schedule I’m not optimistic that it will get renewed for another season. It’s too bad because it’s an excellent show. For all of TRON: Legacy’s faults, it did modernize the TRON universe and provided a great envorionment for Uprising to flesh out. Uprising is set prior to the events in Legacy as Tron has not yet become Rinzler, Clu’s muscle in Legacy. In Uprising, Tron is training a program named Beck as a new Tron. Tron is covered in scars, which are explained in two parter “Scars.”

My fear is that the series won’t be allowed to finish up and answer questions that remain. After catching the latest two episodes on DisneyXD’s website I have even more questions. In Legacy, it’s clear that Tron becomes Rinzler. With Beck being trained in Uprising to be the new Tron, is it he that becomes Rinzler? If not, where is he during Legacy? What did Axel mean when he told Tron he didn’t want Beck to end up as “another of Tron’s mistakes?”

If Uprising is coming to an end, I hope that those questions are answered. If not, Hopefully Disney allows the universe to continue via comics. I’m hopeful that TRON 3 happens, but not optimistic.

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