Yakko Yaks Podcast #001 – From the Ashes

This is the first episode of Yakko Yaks! It’s a podcast where I’ll talk about TV shows and movies, tech, comics, and anything else that is on my mind. This is a very basic podcast at the moment and I’m using it to improve my speaking skills and trying to do a show that’s as close as live to disk as possible.

In this first episode I talk about the upcoming slate of TV shows for the fall and look at the first issue of Voltron: From The Ashes from Dynamite Comics.


  1. Well done on the first show, it sounds great and had a wonderful flow to it. And you seem like a natural doing a one mike show, which is never easy. And of course you’re going to be covering pretty much everything I like which is always a plus.

    Keep it up, I think it’s great and can’t wait for more!

    • Thanks for the kind words! As far as coming off as a natural on a one mic format, “fake it till you make it” is kinda how I have made it this far in my life. Gotta keep acting like I know what I’m doing! 🙂

  2. Very Cool !! Nice work for your first show !!! I use to watch NCIS hardcore !! Though when we stopped using satellite I feel behind. I am currently trying to catch up with it since it was but on Netflix. Right now I’m in the middle of Season 7. I also was big into Arrow. I caught the end of season 2 when again we deactivated the satellite. So sadly I haven’t caught any of season 3 or any of Flash. Though I want to watch both. And I haven’t watched any of Agents of Shield either. I know it is sad , but I have been on a Anime watching binge as of late. But I do plan to catch up with the series at some point. I was also into Elementary and SVU. ( SVU I haven’t watched since Stabler left). Do you watch these?
    Sorry for the length of this comment, But I think I got carried away. Do you plan to have guests or anything that on here? Also how often do you plan to make these? Keep up the great work !!!

    • Thanks! You can watch arrow and agents of shield on Netflix. I think Season 3 of arrow and season 1 of flash show up on October 7th. You can also watch all the cw shows online for free. Cw doesn’t require any login to stream.

      I used to watch all the Law and Orders but haven’t for years now. My wife watches Elementary and I’ll catch it every so often. It’s pretty good.

      As to the podcast, it’s going to be just me for the most part. I’m not ruling out having people on, but the point of the show is really to help me talk without saying “um” and stuff like that when I’m recording. Once I do get consistent with this I’ll look at it though.

      I’m my goal is to do it once a week and I’m aiming for the show to be 15-30 minutes. This week’s was really short because I overdid the truncate silence feature of audacity.

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