Yakko Yaks Podcast #002 – It’s time to start the music

It’s time to start the music…Join me this week as I talk about the new Muppets show on ABC and the current He-Man comic book from DC. Also I’d like to say that I did realize a bit too late that the line should be “It’s time to play the music,” not “start the music.”

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on the first show. It really helped motivate me this week, so hopefully you’ll also like #2.


  1. Another great episode !!! Thanks for the shout out to my youtube channel, I really appreciate it !!! I do plan to catch up on Arrow and finally get to watch Flash and Agents of Shield! Hopefully long before the new season a listed on Netflix.
    I also wanted to ask you about a couple of others shows I really like. Namely Hannibal and Elementary. I have been watching these 2 since they started and love them. Hannibal when it first started I wanted to check it out just to see what kind of show it was and how Hugh Dancy would play the legendary Hannibal Lecter. And I have to admit he is doing a dang good job. I feel he is almost on par with Anthony Hopkins portrayal of him, but not quite. Though his Hannibal is different kind of character.
    Also the Elementary series is great as well. I have always liked Sherlock Holmes. And seeing this rendition of the character being in New York and paired with a female Watson is a nice spin. Though I will admit Luck Lui wouldn’t be my first choice be she is still a good actress for the role.

    • I’ve never been in to the Hannibal stuff. I do like Elementary, but it’s not on my “must watch” list. I usually catch it when my wife is watching it.

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