#22 – Rebirth Revisited

yaks022artIn this episode I am joined by my buddy Yoshi from TransMissions as we talk about DC Comic’s Rebirth event in a segment we recorded shortly after the Rebirth book was released. After that segment I’ll talk about the books I’ve purchased since then and what I think about them.

Show Notes

If you want more Yoshi, check out his podcast, Yoshicast!

Hey, TransMissions has an exclusive cover of the new Transformers: Till All Are One book! Buy a copy here!

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One Comment:

  1. Welcome back again to podcasting!!! Great to hear you again though I do hear you all the time on the Transmissions podcast.
    I will admit I kind of figured you would talk about the Star Wars Rebels season finale by now but that just me wanting to know your thoughts on it. If you do and would like someone to talk about it with you I am more than willing. I have so many thoughts and ideas about Rebels and what could happen with it.
    As for Rebirth I haven’t read or gotten a single one of these. I don’t collect and Batman , Superman , Flash or other comics like that, I am a Transformers only guy. Though if they did a crossover I would absolutely pick that up.
    I not in the dark about the rebirth though. I watch/listen to a channel on Youtube called Comicstorian. He does reviews of many of the story arcs from both DC and Marvel. Though I not sure if he has done very many of the rebirth series yet other than Green Arrows. He is where I catch up on many of the story from DC. He recently did the Darseid War , Batman & Robin Eternal , and some TMNT . All great stories.
    As for the turn signal switch , sadly it did not work. The shop I carried it to tried to install it but found out it wasn’t right. Even though Amazon said it was compatible with my truck, but the bag it came in didn’t show it was. The shop tried but it just wouldn’t work. The shop owner even looked it up on Amazon to be sure and showed him it was compatible. So I had to ship it back, not sure if it will affect anything with you or not. Please let me know if it does or not.

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