019 – Attack of the Cons

In this very late episode I talk about my first Botcon trip as well as my recent trip to Wizard World.


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  1. One day I will get to go to a TFcon or hopefully whatever Botcon becomes. Though I am a little optimistic about a couple of shows that are happening in my area . They had a Comic Con here not too long ago but I wasn’t able to attend thanks to going on family vacation. There is also a Comic and Toy Show that will be happening in October. It is only for one day but I hope to try and attend that one. Who know may find some Transformers Goodness there.

  2. Hey Jeremy just wanted to do a quick comment here. I told you before I started watching The Batman on Netflix and Star Wars Rebels. Well as of tonight I finished The Batman and caught up on Star Wars Rebels. I will comment about Rebels when you talk about it. But as for The Batman I recommend you check it out. It gets pretty good in Season 3 and 4, due to them introducing the Justice League. I won’t spoil anything but check it out. Considering there is only 4 Seasons and 13 episodes a season it not a long series to watch. But check it when you can.

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