025 – Half-Life

In this episode my mind is stuck on the Half-Life video game series. Listen as I vent some of my frustrations with the series and its lack of conclusion. I’ll also briefly talk about Agents of SHIELD then go into a review of Star Wars Rebels Season 2.

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One Comment:

  1. Don’t worry about it taking many tries , trust me, in some of my videos I have had to them several times. A few took me 3 -4 , couple have been at least 5 and had one it took me 12 tries. Battery died , kids ran in the room , knocked over camera to just name a few,
    As for Half-Life I have never played it or Portal. Not that I haven’t wanted to, just been tied up playing other games. I love playing the Assassin Creed games , so I don’t have to worry about the next game it normally comes out each year. Though I will admit I prefer the Final Fantasy games more than anything. I have loved the series about as long as I have loved Transformers. I also enjoy the LEGO games. I have most of the aside from 2 maybe 3. I have beaten all of them and have gotten 100% complete with trophies and all on PS3. ( Yes I am one of those )
    There are 2 games I would like to see a part 3 be released. Those being Megaman Legends 3 and Star Wars Force Unleashed. Granted the MM3 was being worked on and then cancelled not too long ago which bums me out. SW3 I would like to see done mostly for the story as to what will happen in the series. What about you? Have you played these series and if so what you think of them?

    Lastly for Star Wars Rebels Season 2 I loved the story and everything about it. The way everything turned out at the end with the Inquisitors , Darth Maul , and Vader. I am just so looking forward to Season 3. And like you I am curious to see what they will do with Thrawn. I have read the Timothy Zahn story arc of Thrawn and it by far my favorite. Though it sadly isn’t cannon anymore though it should be. I was also one who was all for when the announced they were doing this new movie trilogy that they would use this arc. Sadly they didn’t. Though I am still up for them to do a possible straight to dvd series of this. What do you think?

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