Toxic “Fans”

On this episode I talk about Kelly Marie Tran leaving Instagram and the “fans” that drove her to it. After a lengthy rant, I also give a quick spoiler free review of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

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One Comment:

  1. I agree with you . Whenever a movie or even a trailer is released it always gets me how people will dissect a 90 second trailer to get what a 2-3 hour movie will entail. I have always been of the mind of seeing a movie before I make a decision on anything about it. It just amazes me how people say “Oh this movie is gonna stink over a movie trailer. (Though the latest Ghostbusters movie isn’t a good example)

    But as for this discrimination of Kelly Marie Tran over a role in a movie.I do believe people get so hyped about a movie or anything and when it is released and doesn’t reach they level they wanted or expected it to be makes them lash out. And sadly it was against this actress. Granted I have yet to see this movie so I can’t say how good it is, was, or will be.

    I think society has gotten so set in thinking that things are suppose to be racial that it is become common place. Anything you see with crime a race card is played in some form. Same with movies such as Black Panther , people said it the first racial set super hero and forget about Blade. Which is just as good a film for it’s day.

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