007 – Star Wars

After a multi-week hiatus I’m back to talk about Star Wars. I talk about my journey through the saga via the Machete Order and talk about the other Star Wars media I’ve been watching like Rebels and Clone Wars. Oh, I might also talk a little bit about the new movie too.


  1. Great to hear you back again!!!! I have never considered watching the Star Wars in a different kind of order. I also have the Blue ray movie 6 pack. And of course in another 10 years from now will will have to get the 9 pack !!! I will definitely check out watching the movies in this order at some point.
    Other than Star Wars and Star Trek are there any other Sci fi series you like? For instance Doctor Who , Firefly, Andromeda, Stargate SG-1 , and Babylon 5. B5 being my personal favorite. I loved that show when it aired!! It had such a great cast!! I actually think it was better than ST DS9 which everyone thinks they ripped off. The series was just more of actual future that we could have. NASA engineers even said they did really well with their look on how spacial dynamics and technology were portrayed. Sadly in the last few years we have lost so many of the actors from the series. Who has fans of the series would say they have moved “beyond the rim”. But 2 of my favorite characters were G’Karr and Garibaldi. Andreas Katsulas who played G’Karr played in several Sci-fi series including Star Trek. But he was a great actor.
    Keep up the great work !!!!!

    • Dinobot, I to watched the Star Wars movies recently (On Jermey’s Tweet) in the Machete Order. One thing I noticed is that the prequels do not hold up visually compared to even the George Lucas special editions of the original trilogy.

      Have you watched it in that order, and would you and Jeremy agree or am I just a crazy old fool?

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