Yakko Yaks podcast #006 – Undefeated

Join me this week as I talk about…college football? That’s right, I talk a little bit about my alma mater, the undefeated University of Memphis Tigers. I also go through Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Flash, Arrow and the recent He-Man and Voltron comics.

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  1. Hey Yakko, Just wanted to apologize for not commenting on your last few episodes. My PC has been down thanks to my power supply going out on it. As you can probably guess by this I finally managed to get a new one. I think you have a great show here and love listening to it.
    I wanted to point out something about Memphis sports. Oddly enough I live in Mississippi and see the rivalry of Memphis , Mississippi State , Ole Miss , Alabama, LSU, and all other colleges in the area. I don’t follow college sports , but see around me how much things can get out of hand with the way games are. I am guessing you use to live in the Memphis area to cause your support of them, though I recommend if you visit this area to be careful, people around here are big into the college sports rivalries and it can get pretty crazy. Though considering you use to live around the area I am sure you know this. But I do suppose it is like this anywhere when sports are involved.
    Lastly I wanted to say I still haven’t caught up on my Arrow , Flash, Agents watching. I know it bad of me because they all good series. I do plan to start watching Gotham as well or at least check it out to see if it worth the watch. Just been kind of crazy around here plus been on a real anime binge as of late. Speaking of which aside from Transformers and Voltran (aka Beast King Golion”LOVE THE OPENING SONG”) do you watch any anime and if so which ones? I am currently watching One Piece and Golgo 13.

    Keep up the great work !!!!

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