009 – Merry Christmas!

On this Christmas episode I talk about my plans for the holiday, what I’m giving and what I hope to get, and talk about A Charlie Brown Christmas and Supergirl. Tune in to hear all this and your feedback!

Hope you have a great holiday season, no matter what holiday you observe!

The music in this show is from the United States Air Force Band and can be found here.

One Comment:

  1. I recently introduced my kids to Charlie Brown’s Christmas and they loved it. It is going to become one of the movies/shows we will be making a tradition for Christmas. The others being Polar Express , Garfield Christmas , and me reading The Night Before Christmas.
    My cousin and I have watched several more episodes of the first season of Gotham.We currently have only 7 episodes left in the first season. And are already upset that it will be around June or July before we get season 2 on Netflix.
    After we get done which would you suggest us watch first Arrow or Agents of Shield? I have watched the first 2 seasons of Arrow , my cousin has only seen the first 3 maybe 4 episodes of it. We want to rewatch it to catch up but I not sure which to start out on first.

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