010 – New Years Resolutions

In this episode I discuss my New Years resolutions, both for myself and for my podcasts.


  1. Nice New Year’s Revolutions !!! I honestly need to do the same on orginization a bit better. If you looking for anyone to join you on this podcast let me know. I am always free. I love listening to you and of course the Transmissions show.I have made 2 key resolutions this year. One being to spend more time with my wife and kids and to try and help my daughters ride bikes they got for christmas. Though it not going to be easy for me thanks to my back issues.
    I also am determined this year to try and do one of 2 things in the Transformers world. 1 trying to go to Botcon or TFcon. Both are relatively close to me and would be fun to go to though it looking like it might be TFcon Charolette that I attend so hopefully I can see you and Charles or the others there. Also of course other Transcievers!!! I also intend to pick up one of my Holy Grails in Transformers this year. I won’t reveal who he is yet though I will make it a surprise for the show and my youtube channel. Speaking of which is something else I hope to make better this year. Getting more subscribers and making my videos better as well. On that note any advice on video editing would be most helpful.

  2. Great show Jeremy, I’m always waiting for Charles, Yoshi, or myself to jump in and say something… Haha.

    New Years Resolutions are something I’ve started not doing since it’s less upsetting when I don’t accomplish it. But… if I were to mention things I was planning on “doing” this year, well now! That’s a horse of a different colour.

    1. I’d like to start doing my YouTube reviews again. It’ll take some ‘organizing’, since I don’t currently have a setup for it, but it’s on the back burner.
    2. Get a Passport! (Obvious Reasons!)
    3. Take a family vacation. The only vacations we’ve had as a family have been with other people, and I’d like to go somewhere with just my family.
    4. Work on my house. It needs a lot of work, and there are still two rooms that are unusable because of clutter / needing renovation.
    5. Loose some weight. I know it cliche, but I do. Thus is why I don’t do resolutions anymore.

    Again, great show! Hopefully you got lots of Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas, so you can get that mixer you’ve been going on about.

  3. Did not realize that TFCON was going to be in Chicago this year. Though not I think I am going to be trying to go to just TFCON instead of BOTCON due to timing and money. As much as I would like to go to it have to do what money lets me.

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