A few days late and a few dollars short…

In this episode I talk about some the upcoming Voltron Netflix show and the crossover that’s happening with Supergirl and Flash. I’ll also talk about Clone Wars, Flash, and read some feedback!

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  1. Hey Jeremy another great show !! I too am looking forward to the Voltron series that is coming to Netflix. On that note i have 2 questions about the series coming to Netflix.
    1) What do you think on the idea of a lot of series becoming exclusives to differant tv/internet bases. Such as the Daredevil , Jessica Jones , and now Voltron being Netflix only?
    2) On that note, Is there any other series you would like to see this done to as a reboot or return of the series?
    I ask these not only for the Voltron series , but about the other series we are suppose to be having on the horizon as well. I see things saying that there will be a reboot of 2 series I grew up watching. Namely Swat Kats and Reboot. ( Odd I know a reboot of Reboot). I personally loved both of these series. And would like to see what kind of ideas a more modern or better technically done series can be. I know we have had others done this way and they went wrong. (Namely the He-Man and Thundercats reboots. I thought they were ok and would like to have maybe had another season of each just to end things with them.

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