014 – Rebirth

In this episode I talk about DC Comic’s new “Rebirth.” I’ll also take a look at recent episodes of Star Wars Rebels and Flash TV shows as well as the classic DC miniseries “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and your feedback!

I’d love to hear your feedback on the show. Please leave a comment on this post or via e-mail or Twitter below:

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  1. Another Great Show Jeremy!! Let me first again Thank You for coming to my little Transceivers Chat this past Saturday !! It meant alot to have you and the Cybertronian Beast with us that night.
    As for the comics I haven’t read any of the 52s or anything of Green Lantern , Flash or any other character. Mostly being the Transformers fan I am I think. Though I have been watching videos on Youtube about a lot of them by the Comicstorian. He does videos “where he breaks down TPBs into digestable bits and reads them back to you” his words. I’ve caught up some of the stories such as the Green Lantern Parrallax story , Kyle Ryner and so on. I really find it to be a great way to get caught up with what is going on int he comics.
    You are making me want to catch up on Star Wars Rebels, I have watched a few episodes of it and liked what I saw alot. Since seeing some clips of Rex and the other clone troopers as well as Asoka from Clone Wars. It make me want to watch it more. That the problem these days. So many shows to watch so little time.
    On this note I would like to ask you your opinion on the Tron Uprising series. It being a prequel to the Tron Legacy movie. I really liked it and thought it was just getting good and then of course it got cancelled. I loved the original Tron as well as Tron Legacy. It may also the reason I like the actor Bruce Boxlietner so much. Well that and him on Babylon 5 , may absolute favorite Sci Fi series.

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