016 – Underoos!

In this episode I talk about the new Captain America: Civil War Trailer, discuss Legends of Tomorrow and Star Wars Rebels and read some feedback!

Show Notes       

Opening Segment   

new Captain America Civil War Trailer

Voltron Showrunner announced

Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at Wondercon on Friday, March 25th, in room 151 at 6 p.m


CW renewed ALL of their current series

                The Flash (season 3)

                Arrow (season 5)

                DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 2)


Batman v Superman: LexCorp Website Hints at Subplot Not Seen in the Trailers

Lexcorp’s website hints at an AI involvement


TV and Movie talk

Legends of Tomorrow – s01e07 – Marooned

Star Wars Rebels – S02E18 – Shroud of Darkness



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