015 – Give me Samoa

In this episode I talk about Girl Scout Cookies and why they’ve disappointed me this year. I also talk about Supergirl, Flash, Clone Wars and read some feedback!


  1. Another Great Show Yakko!! I unfortunately have’t bought any Girl Scout cookies in years. I can’t even remember the last time I got any and what kind they were.
    I did want to tell you that I have been catching up on several shows. My cousin and I have finished the first season of Gotham. And both really enjoyed it. We are currently watching season 1 of Agents of Shield. Where we are currently on Episode 17 “Turn , Turn Turn” . We are both liking the series so far. I am also catching up on NCIS and Star Wars Rebels. NCIS I just started season 10 episode 2 and Rebels I’m on Season 1 episode 12. I am liking Rebels more and more with all the tie ins and hints at things.
    Also were you a fan of Macgyver , Quantam Leap , Knight Rider ,or Airwolf? I am have been doing a Macgyver rewatch recently and remembering how much I loved the show growing up. Though now I am finding more enjoyment at seeing who the guest stars were on the show. Noteably a recent one had Teri Hatcher before her Adventures of Lois and Clark Superman days. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Holy shite did I learn a lot about GS cookies on this show. It’s crazy that 2 bakeries cover the whole US. And those Wisconsin Thin Mints don’t sound good at all. All I can say is hashtag Not My Thinmints! And you totally sounded like me talking about Flash for a moment. I was so proud. Also, Zoom off! I do agree though, Diggle’s reaction to Flash is perfect and I hadn’t thought of it that way before.

    I may have a place you can have some of that Legends of Tomorrow talk. (Hint: check your direct messages)

    Finally, the Transformers the Movie soundtrack is my go to movie soundtrack to listen to when I have to get stuff done. Vince DiCola is the best.

    Great show, can’t wait til next time!

    • Do you have the TFTM score that DiCola released a couple years ago? It’s all of his music from the movie and it’s definitely in that playlist I use for concentrating.

  3. Great episode. I loved tron legacy was super disappointed when it got canceled.

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